Procedure Terms for Unauthorized Transactions

Last Update: February 17, 2014

  1. Alipay Account provides you with certain rights and protections in the event of an unauthorized transaction arising from your use of Alipay Account under these Procedure Terms for Unauthorized Transactions (“Terms”).
  2. An "Unauthorized Transaction" occurs when money is sent from your Alipay Account that you did not authorize and that did not benefit you. For example, if someone steals your password, uses the password to access your Alipay Account, and sends a payment from your Alipay Account, an Unauthorized Transaction has occurred. If you provide someone access to your Alipay Account and they conduct transactions without your knowledge or permission, you are responsible for any resulting use. Such transactions are not considered as Unauthorized Transactions and are not covered under these Terms.
  3. You should immediately notify us by sending email to us at if you believe there has been an Unauthorized Transaction, unauthorized access to your Account, or your password has been compromised. You should regularly log into your Alipay Account and review your account statement to ensure that there has not been an Unauthorized Transaction.
  4. To be eligible for Alipay protection programs for Unauthorized Transactions in your Alipay Account, you must notify us within 30 calendar days after any Unauthorized Transaction first appears in your account statement.
  5. To be covered for Unauthorized Transaction protection, you must respond to our requests for documentation and other information in a timely manner and follow the procedures as prescribed by Alipay.
  6. Once you notify us of any suspected Unauthorized Transaction, we will conduct an investigation to determine whether there has been an Unauthorized Transaction that is eligible for protection.
  7. If we determine that an Unauthorized Transaction has occurred in your Alipay Account, we will provide a credit to your Alipay Account not exceeding USD250. If you have submitted KYC Documentation and obtained approval pursuant to clause 2.3 of Alipay Account - Terms of Service, you will receive a credit not exceeding USD500. The maximum amount of credit you may receive under Alipay protection programs for Unauthorized Transactions should not exceed USD 500.