“Tour Pass” Information Technology

Service Agreement

This “Tour Pass” Information Technology Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”) is entered into by and between Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Alipay Hangzhou”) and the user (hereinafter referred to as “You”) regarding the information display, transmission and other information technology services we provide to you in connection with your use of the “Prepaid Card” Service of Bank of Shanghai (or hereinafter referred to as the “Bank”) via the “Tour Pass” mini program. Before accepting this Agreement, please read all the provisions of this Agreement carefully (especially the contents highlighted in bold). If you do not agree with any content of this agreement or cannot understand the meaning of the terms accurately, please do not perform any follow-up operation. By clicking on the web page to confirm or otherwise choose to accept this Agreement, you have entered into this Agreement with us and agreed to accept all the provisions hereof. The Chinese version of this Agreement shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this Agreement.

I. Definitions

1. Prepaid Card: means the service provided by Bank of Shanghai, in which Bank of Shanghai, upon your application, will provide an exclusive domestic mobile payment electronic card. According to your authorisation, Bank of Shanghai will deduct the consumer capital equivalent to the RMB amount you enter from your own international card organization-branded bank card provided by you and transfer the consumer capital into your Prepaid Card, so that you can make purchases in the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan) through the quick payment service enabled for the Prepaid Card. For detailed definition of the Prepaid Card, please refer to the agreement between Bank of Shanghai and you.

2. International Card Organizations:means two major organizations, namely, VISA International and MasterCard International and two professional credit card companies, namely, Diners Club International Ltd (Diners Club) and JCB Co., Ltd (JCB). Bank of Shanghai has the right to adjust the scope of the International Card Organizations according to the business condition details of which is subject to the prompt of the pop-up page. The overseas bank card you use in connection with the “Prepaid Card” Service shall be a bank card issued by one of the foregoing International Card Organizations.

3. User: a User hereunder shall mean a natural person recognized by Bank of Shanghai who legally holds a foreign passport and has obtained an entry visa of the People’s Republic of China. Bank of Shanghai has the right to adjust the scope of Users based on its business conditions and notify you on the corresponding service page.

II. Service Content

1. You acknowledge and consent that we provide the information technology services in the “Tour Pass” mini program (hereinafter referred to as the “Mini Program”).

2. “Prepaid Card” Service is provided by Bank of Shanghai. You shall provide the necessary information according to the requirements of Bank of Shanghai, to facilitate Bank of Shanghai to conduct service activation verification for you. You may submit or confirm the foregoing necessary information (such as your name, contact information, date of birth, passport first page information recognized by Bank of Shanghai, valid visa information recognized by Bank of Shanghai, and bank card information of the relevant International Card Organization) through the service page provided by us or Bank of Shanghai, with the specific information fields being subject to page prompts. You agree that we may share and update the information with Bank of Shanghai according to the information you have submitted or confirmed. Please be sure to submit or confirm the relevant information truthfully, accurately and completely to avoid causing any inconvenience to you. If you apply for reactivation of the “Prepaid Card” after the service expires, please submit or fill in the activation information as prompted on the service page. In order to avoid to submit the information twice, Bank of Shanghai will use part of the information submitted or confirmed during the activation process for reactivation review.

3. After Bank of Shanghai successfully activated the “Prepaid Card” Service for you, you agree that Bank of Shanghai may share and update your Prepaid Card information with us to facilitate provision of the service and your viewing of the information via the relevant service page provided by us. To protect your information security, we will desensitize and display relevant information to you on the service page.

4. You are required to use the Prepaid Card to activate the Alipay quick payment service, for you to make payments and purchases. To this end, you agree that Bank of Shanghai will update your identification information, passport first page information, contact information, and the Prepaid Card information with Alipay.com Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Alipay”) in order to activate Alipay quick payment service for you.

5. When the Mini Program has introduced the function to allow the bank card of the corresponding International Card Organization used for top-up to be replaced with another one,, if you use this function to change the the bank card of the International Card Organization used for top-up, you agree that we will update your new bank card information with Bank of Shanghai so that the Bank can replace the information of your bank card for top-up.

6. You can top up the Prepaid Card (which is also named as “loading service” at the service page and in the service agreement between Bank of Shanghai and you. For more detailed function, please refer to the service page or the aforesaid service agreement) and query the Prepaid Card top-up records through the corresponding service pages provided by us. We will, according to your operation behavior, send corresponding instructions to Bank of Shanghai, show you the corresponding top-up status information and balance information according to the feedback information from Bank of Shanghai, and provide you with the top-up record query function. The instructions you send to Bank of Shanghai through us or Alipay may not be withdrawn or revoked. If Bank of Shanghai, according to your instructions, entrusts a bank or a third party to deduct funds from your International Card Organization bank card and transfer the funds into your Prepaid Card after converting the funds into RMB, or deduct quick payment transaction amounts from your Prepaid Card, you shall not require Bank of Shanghai, Alipay or us to refund or assume any other liability on the ground that the operation is against your own will or on any other ground.

III. Special Tips

1. You shall ensure that the information and data you submit or confirm when applying for the service are lawful, complete, accurate and true, and you shall be solely liable for the failure of the activation of the service or other losses caused to you due to the wrong, false or incomplete information you submit or confirm. You shall ensure that you own the information you submit. If you are subject to claims lodged by others or you infringe upon the rights of others in your use of the “Prepaid Card” Service, you shall assume the corresponding liability according to law and shall be legally liable for the losses thus caused to the Bank, us and relevant right holders. At the same time, both we and the Bank shall have the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to you.

2. In order to provide services to you, Bank of Shanghai shall fulfill foreign exchange management, anti-money laundering and other compliance requirements pursuant to relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. If the information provided by you and your transaction behaviors fail to meet the foregoing compliance requirements, Bank of Shanghai shall have the right to require you to complement and update the relevant information or to suspend or terminate the services provided to you.

3. You will use the “Prepaid Card” Service to transfer the relevant amount of the International Card Organization bank card into your Prepaid Card in RMB, and the relevant settlement services will be provided by Bank of Shanghai. The actual deduction amount of your bank card, the exchange rate and fee rate will be determined by Bank of Shanghai independently or jointly with the relevant International Card Organization or card issuer, and you may consult Bank of Shanghai should you have any questions. Bank of Shanghai and you may agree upon the term of the “Prepaid Card” Service, upon expiration of which you will no longer be permitted to use the “Prepaid Card” Service. You can apply for a refund through the service page during or after the term of the service, and pass the refund instruction to Bank of Shanghai through us. Bank of Shanghai will use the information submitted or confirmed during the activation process for review and you do not need to submit the same information twice. If Bank of Shanghai requires you to submit supplementary information, please follow the instructions on the relevant service page. Please refer to the service agreement between you and Bank of Shanghai for the specific refund requirements . We remind you that the exchange loss arising from the fluctuation of the exchange rate shall be borne by you.

4. To use the “Prepaid Card” Service, you are required to provide your own International Card Organization bank card information according to page prompts and you may top up your Prepaid Card only from the International Card Organization bank card provided by you. If you are unable to use the “Prepaid Card” Service due to the payment restrictions imposed by your overseas bank or pursuant to other business regulations of your overseas bank, both Bank of Shanghai and we shall be exempted from liability. After completing the top-up process, you may make purchases and payments by using the Prepaid Card balance via Alipay quick payment service. Except for the foregoing quick payment, the “Prepaid Card” Service currently does not support other payment methods. If other payment methods are added in the future, we will inform you thereof separately. In addition, during the service term, you must abide by the relevant quick payment business agreement between Bank of Shanghai and Alipay (for details of the quick payment agreement, please see the signing page of the service), and ensure that your Alipay quick payment function is normal; otherwise, the balance in your Prepaid Card will be unavailable for payment.

5. You are also not allowed to use the “Prepaid Card” Service to transfer money to another “Prepaid Card” or account, or to use the “Prepaid Card” Service to purchase financial products or give red packets. At the same time, Bank of Shanghai has the right to limit the amount of your single top-up and annual cumulative payment, with the specific service scenarios and limit to be agreed upon by Bank of Shanghai and you. If you are unable to use the “Prepaid Card” Service due to the requirements of Bank of Shanghai’s business regulations, we and Alipay shall be exempt from liability. Bank of Shanghai has the right to charge you a certain service fee for the “Prepaid Card” Service, which shall be agreedbetween you and Bank of Shanghai.

6. We will promptly, accurately and completely convey the service information between you and the Bank, but we are not the provider of the “Prepaid Card” Service, nor will we make any express or implied warranty or assume liability for the authenticity or legality of the information provided by the Bank and displayed to you online. We shall not be liable for the agreement between the Bank and you, nor shall we be obliged to participate in the settlement of the claims and disputes and other activities between the Bank and you arising from the use of the “Prepaid Card” Service, which disputes shall be settled by you and the Bank through negotiation. In order to give priority to the protection of your rights and interests, if a dispute arising between you and the Bank causes us to pay compensation to you in advance in a specific case, this does not mean that we become the subject of liability and dispute resolution for the “Prepaid Card” Service.

IV. Miscellaneous

1. We attach great importance to the protection of your information, and strictly protect your information in line with the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity. We will also strictly protect and process your information in accordance with the Ant Financial Privacy Policy.

2. We will be exempt from liability for damages if, due to any of the following reasons, we are unable to provide the services hereunder and thus prevented you from using or normally using the “Prepaid Card” Service, with reasons including but not limited to:
(1) the Alipay system fails to carry out normal business due to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, war, lightning or terrorist attack, or any other force majeure factor;
(2) the hardware or software of your computer, the communication line or the power supply line malfunction;
(3) you operate improperly or use the service in a way that is not authorized or approved by Alipay;
(4) the service is interrupted or delayed due to virus, Trojan, malware attack, network congestion, system instability, system or equipment failure, communication failure, power failure, banking problem, third-party service defect or act of government;
(5) other reasons unattributable to us.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will take reasonable actions to actively procure that the service be restored to normal.

3. In order to further improve the user experience, we will continue to develop new services, and provide you with version upgrades, function upgrades and other updates of services and contents, which will continue to be updated in this Agreement. If we make any change to this Agreement, we will notify you through official website announcement or client message or otherwise. Such change will take effect from the effective time specified in the notice. If you do not agree with the modified agreement, you have the right to stop using the relevant services; the content of this Agreement may be modified separately through negotiation.

4. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
(1) Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (for the sole purpose of this Agreement and for the avoidance of any doubt, excluding the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan).
(2) Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement may be resolved by us through negotiation, failing which, either Party shall have the right to bring a lawsuit before the competent court in the place where the defendant is domiciled.